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Mind Shift Master WOLFGANG RIEBE

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It's easier than you think!

Impress your boss, co-workers, friends & family!

Improve your pass rate by leaps and bounds at university, college or school!

Instantly remember names, places & faces!

Here is a complete video course that will teach you incredible memory skills that will change your life!

You will learn practical, easy implementable life skills that will last a lifetime!


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"This course was such fun and so easy to learn. It is incredible how easy things have become to remember today - and so quick too!" Sabrina

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"I experienced the video to be very well set out and so easy to follow. I experienced immediate results - I used the ten step technique to remember ten things I needed to do today on my own website!" Mark Hoinkes

Presented by a leading mind shift master, Wolfgang Riebe. His success stories, from thousands of people in over 144 countries and all walks of life, attest to the authenticity of his promise. He will improve your memory by at least 300%!

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"Wow, this is just the easiest and most powerful technique ever. I can remember everything I need to study for my exams. I never knew studying could be so easy!" Alexis



This technique can be applied to all levels of business and your personal life

It will have a positive effect on your daily life

Guaranteed to impress!

Learn the basics within
35 minutes!

No more "To Do" lists will ever be needed!

You will be able to remember countless things in your mind!

No more diaries needed to remember appointments!

You will be able to learn new skills much simpler and faster!

Remembering names & faces of clients & friends will be easy!

Remember random things and recall them instantly, and in any order!
Learn the basic of memory retention and a memory system that lets you remember 30 things. Imagine someone naming any 30 items or things you need to remember during you day, and you are able to store them and recall them instantly in your mind, and in any order! Really simple and fun to learn and a skill you will keep for life.

Understanding how your mind and memory recall works!
An explanation as to why we forget, plus tips to make life easier in terms of memory. Ideas and tips not to lose keys, phones, etc. Once you understand how the mind works, you can change your behaviour in order to improve your memory. A further explanation on how not to use a diary and remember all your appointments without writing anything down! How to remember numbers and tips on learning foreign languages.

Make studying easier and fun !
How to study effectively and make studying easier. Examples and detailed explanations on improving your study techniques. Implement what is taught here and your grades will improve drastically. University students that have taken this course have improved their exam results drastically! To prove the power and effectiveness of this technique, you are taken through an extreme example with many non sensical facts that you literally learn, understand and can repeat within 7 minutes!

Remember names and faces!
How often have you met a stranger, and as they say their name, your forget it? Imagine meeting 10, 20, 50 or more people and being able to remember ALL their names! In business this makes a huge difference when wanting to built trust with new customers! Start showing people you actually care! The nicest thing you can hear on this earth is the sound of your own name! In this lecture everything is clearly explained and you will be shown numerous example faces, and remember their names!

Take memory recall to the nth degree!
By now you will have improved your memory by at least 300 to 400% easily. Realistically you don't need to learn anything else! But imagine... just for one moment that you could compete with the super clever MENSA people and literally remember any amount of information. Whether it's a list of facts, or a number that's 100 digits long!

The course becomes slightly more complicated now, but still easy enough for anyone to learn. You now learn the ULTIMATE phonetic based filing system that lets you remember any number of items! This is a completely NEW system with unlimited possibilities.

As the files are based on phonetics, rather than association, this new system has been divided into 4 lectures, allowing you to learn at a comfortable pace.

This is without a doubt one of the most exciting secrets in memory retention and recall and you will be astounded at the simplicity and incredible power of this limitless new technique! Int his lecture the basics of fully explained and you learn the first 25 files.

The realisation of what is to come.
By now you will be totally excited and blown away by this new system and you will have a full understanding of the limitless brain power that lies before you. You will be over keen to rush ahead and you need to pace yourself by learning the next 25 files from 26 - 50. At the conclusion of this lecture you will be able to recall any 50 items in any order.

Lecture 7: AND YOU'RE ON YOUR WAY 51 – 75
Discovering the power of this awesome system.
You will now learn the next 25 files from 51 to 75. You will reach a new level of memory recall and have a deeper understanding of the power of the system you are mastering as you are able to recall any 75 items in any order.

You now understand one of the world's biggest kept secrets and have unlocked your mind to limitless potential.

The almost 'magical' brain power you will have at the end of this lecture is almost indescribable! Besides learning the next 25 files from 76 - 100, not only will you be able to remember and recall ANY random 100 items, but you will have the knowledge to build this system to 200, 2000 or 10000 and more files! You now hold the knowledge of one of the most amazing memory secrets known to man!

Added tips for taking the phonetic system to the n'th degree.
How to recall numbers using the phonetic system! Understand how to memorise and entire shuffled pack of cards! Concluding comments

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Did you know...
In July 2012 the National Speakers Association (NSA) awarded Wolfgang the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation, which is the highest award given to any professional speaker in the speaking world. This designation is currently held by 707 professional speakers globally. He is also the immediate past President of the Professional Speakers Association of SA 2010 - 2012 and considered to be a world leader in this industry. 

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Full course with 9 part downloadable Inspirational flash video files

Plus 9 downloadable MP3 Audio files to store on a memory stick and listen to in your car

Plus the Full E-Book version

Plus bonus E-Book, Active Listening

Plus another bonus E-Book, Improve Your Self Image

Plus Certificate of completion from The Riebe Institute as recognition for completing this course

Sign Up at NOW!
Limited Time Offer
US $119.-

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When you purchase the Advanced PowerCharge Your Memory Course, there is absolutely no risk to you, all the risk is on me. I am so confident that this course will improve your memory by at LEAST 300%, and change your life that you have 6 months to evaluate it and apply the life skills it teaches. If before the the 6 months are up you are not completely satisfied, simply return it and I will give you a full cash refund, no questions asked!

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Reviews from a public seminar: M Phillips: "Great. Practical examples used that we can take home." S Dandala: "Excellent!! Valuable life skills for your personal life and for your company." M Saxby: "Wonderful. Excellent!" Ed Marx: "Excellent, 200%!" J. Good: "Excellent. You can use it at work and at home." R Enis: "Good mix, balance of info & laughter." D Loos: "Captivating and engaging. Great life skills course."

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Sign Up at NOW!
Limited Time Offer
US $119.-

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Box Set

2 x DVD's with ALL videos
1 x CDR with all other files
(includes global registered airmail p&p)
US $129.-

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P.S: If you order the Flash Download course, you will be directed to a downloads instructions page on confirmation of the payment. So please don't close your browser. If you order the DVD Box, your order will be processed during office hours GMT time.

P.S: Remember, when you buy this Advanced Memory Training Course, it’s backed by a 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose! You also receive free bonuses at no extra cost, valued at $150!

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